Sunday, April 20, 2014

Final project competition

it have been such a long time 
 since my last update..
today, it's sunday 
few days more my entire diploma years should be end...

last month I've present my final project..
it went well..
group members aku mmg laaaaaa sangat
ya allah....
dorang sekali ketok sekali gerak...
btw dorang are full with responsible..
once aku kata 
"if this shit are not done by the competition day, 
mmg aku bunuh sekor2..."
ugutan bunuh aku menjadi 
dorang terasa laaa responsibility tuu wujud 
dalam pala otak dorang..
btw there are some picture nak kongsi...

how it look like in my car..
hahahah... :p

it's me.......
(gemokss and unfashionable)

the two boys in purple are my group members

i never had a chance to brief about our project..
the boys do all..

the road not taken

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