Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stop motion project

aceh ceh ceeehhh
tajuk entry seperti series..
ini series~~~
(nyanyi ala2 wonder pets)
tadi masa tengok tv3
wanita hari ini tajuk yang amat menarik
sebenarnya aku terlepas isu tu tapi dapat la sikit main point die
its about a website that concern about people
about violence

isu menari tentang hak dan tips melarikan diri dari rumah
wahh ayat aku~~
perempuan nie terlalu lembut hatinya
thats why kene pukul macam hamba abdi zaman purba pon biler kene pujuk tros cair
dunia akhir zaman 

so ape kata sapa2 yang ada FB tu like page dorank
(sapa2??haha ofcoz suma ada FB)

ok sikit about them:-
To empower and support organisations and individuals in and through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to build strategic communities and initiatives for the purpose of ending violence against women (VAW).

STOP MOTION PROJECT will be creating “pockets of awareness” through its turnkey campaign containing three ad length stop-motion animation videos that will be distributed to existing community websites and popular internet portals.

Thus, the awareness campaign, “STOP MOTION PROJECT – When does the violence begin?” aims to highlight the different forms of VAW happening in the current realities of Malaysian women and enable society to identify situations which are considered violence against women - whether as the afflicted, the potential violator, and/or a bystander.

This will be achieved through the staggered distribution of three stop motion videos to main partner Kakiseni’s Women: 100, other host sites comprising of Malaysian-based community spaces such as LoyarBurok, and participating colleges and universities which will receive the videos in CD format to be played on public TVs on campus grounds.

company overview=
The project was created by 3 young women, Ong Jo-Lene, Temme Lee and Lim Kar Mern (the Team), who wanted to create awareness on issues surrounding VAW in the context of women’s realities today.

STOP MOTION PROJECT was funded by a small grant from APC’s (Association of Progressive Communications) “Take Back The Tech!” initiative for strategic use of ICT in stopping violence against women and is coordinated in Malaysia by EMPOWER (Pusat Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor).

The AWESOME collaborators of the project are - filmmaker, Khairil M Bahar; editorial and communications consultancy firm, SRSLY Enterprise; and the project's kind and fiercely supportive volunteer, Michelle Tam.

Pre-production began in storyboard creation, set designing, material collection, and illustration work from 20 Oct 2010 onwards, culminating in over 1000 paper cut outs by 21 Dec 2010.

The video shoots were from 21-28 Dec 2010.

Post-production began on 29 Dec 2010, with Khairil M Bahar as editor.

tadi masa tengok WHI ada sikit review video yang dorank tengah buat..
it's great ok~~
just like it and wait for the video soon~~
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Hairil Rizal said...

Menarik owh!

Mekasih folo kita! :)

isye said...

belog yang cantik!

i polow u..
polow me back..