Wednesday, December 8, 2010


what is witch yoo hee??
for someone who love to follow korean drama
they will know witch yoo hee..
actually i met someone 
who similar to this witch yoo hee..
i hope this one 'witch' will learn
how to control herself..
she just same as witch yoo hee..
never care people around..
think only herself is only right
she should hear to others..
should consider others..
and the most thing is
she should down to earth..
don't question other 
when most of them get the majority support..
if you just keep continue to be act like this..
you will be suffer by the back stabber..
life isn't difficult
life can be more difficult when
you do a mistake..
one mistake can chaos your life..
if you just read this..
im sorry..
but this is for your own good...

p/s:i didn't mean it..
but for your own good


Aq Waeda,,, said...

yoo hee the witch,,hehe..i like,,

Anonymous said...

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