Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another meeningless entry of me~~

i feel so glamarous
looking super fabulous
all the girls got their eyes on me
i can tell by the look that they wanna be hot
they put me down because of jelousy..
Someday I will find my prince
He may be far away
But I know he will come
He'll whisper I love you 
And I will find my love

will it be happens
it just another sweet dreams 

who will be the prince of the dreams??
or should i say prince of the day light

i never look for the perfect one..
but fact, perfect is perfect!!
tell me who are the looser one who are looking for the unperfect prince to be their whole life partner

one of my friends ask me one crazy question
actually her mom did ask her this question
and i would like to know my blog reader opinions

what if you have to marry with old man but rich??
would you like to be his partner?

my friend answer is..

no way!!!
can you believe you have to marry olod man and for your whole life you have to sleep with aging man every single night??

and that make me think twice
even though he will be death soon..
but just imagine if he die 10 years after the marrige

i really can't imagine my every night actually should me nice and sweet beside my lovely hubby  but then turn worst
 but if the old man actually is my 'soul mate'
what else i can say~~
but please~~
think twice
or maybe thrice...

for me..
in a relationship
both partner should respect each other and know each other roles~
u should not be selfish

try to understand your partner feeling when ever you get into a fight
be a romantics person on the earth in the eyes of your partner
 take my words
you will not be regret it

to the boys:

you should know that girls, they  are born with 1 short mind rather than you man got 9
that why a woman need a man to make it perfect 10/10
you also need them~~

to the girls:

believe me
don't ever try to find love..
because it will find you

p/s: super perasan entry dengan behasa inggeris 
skali-skala nak blagak negro ape salah nye kan!

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