Thursday, September 30, 2010

im so sorry~~

i am not belong here..

i dont deserve to be by your side..

you are too kind but im too harsh..

thanks for this wonderful 3 month..

thanks for let me know what is love all about..

thanks because make me happy for the past 3 month.

i know that i did so much wrong to you..

and i know that im not deserve to be with you..

thanks for everything..

but i still love you..

you are my first love..

thanks for that love..

im going right now..

n i will not disturb you and make your day become complicated anymore

good bye for now..


Nana Farhanah said...

"thanks for this wonderful 3 month.."

and from us :

friends never say good bye :)

Intan Baizura said... syg..u r right...never say god bye to us..hee